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9Trompetender Hahn

ca 1943
Painting, tempera on cardboard, 148 x 135 cm

Trompetender Hahn

The ”Trompetender Hahn” (Trumpeting rooster) is yet another of Jeanne Mammen‘s confrontations with the National Socialist period. The background is composed of dark earth tones. In the foreground, an apocalyptic figure with the head of a rooster rides a horse. Its body and uniform are broken into small, geometric facets. The arms are recognizable: the left holds a trumpet, which is being blown into; the right holds a saber. The horse is baring its teeth, with its tongue hanging out, and wears bull horns on its head. The image poses a riddle that can be understood by its date. The rooster represents France, occupied since 1940 by the German army; the horse with horns stands for Europe, which was ultimately freed from Nazi terror by the advance of the Allies starting in August 1944.

I only ever really wanted to be a pair of eyes that could wander through the world invisibly, without being seen by others. Unfortunately, you end up being noticed ...

Quote from Jeanne Mammen 1890 – 1976, published by the Jeanne-Mammen-Gesellschaft in conjunction with the Berlinischen Galerie 1978, Edition Cantz Stuttgart – Bad Cannstatt, p.97