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Gerson Fehrenbach
1966, Bronze


Just a few meters farther along is another of Fehrenbach‘s sculptures, ”Hellas”. Here, too, Fehrenbach‘s work alludes to antiquity – Hellas was the name by which the ancient Greeks referred to themselves.

Fehrenbach has created a piece in the Informel style, a sitting figure encompassing both abstract and organic forms. This work is also based on Fehrenbach‘s main motiv: the human body, which also reflects the focus of the campus in Berlin-Buch, on health.

Hellas 2

In 1961 Fehrenbach toured Greece, where he viewed the sitting figures in the Museum of Athens – which probably inspired this work from 1966.

The proliferating forms make the figure abstract, but do so without disturbing its overall proportions; the head, torso and stumps of the legs are still recognizable.

Both of the sculptures belong to the MDC sculpture park, dedicated in 2000. The pieces were acquired through funds from the LOTTO-Stiftung Berlin.