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ca 1940
Sculpture, bronze, 33,5 x 18 x 13 cm


The ”Trompete” (trumpet) is a work made of nonfired clay. It is one of the few sculptures by Jeanne Mammen that doesn‘t represent a person, but rather an everyday object. Made shortly after the outbreak of the war, the piece has a symbolic background. Here she has moved beyond the formal language of the ”Frauenkopf”, and is experimenting with open and disrupted structures.

Does drawing require intelligence?

”To draw well, one must know a lot, otherwise what you produce is just stupid stuff . The underlying passion involves penetrating the secrets of form. Here the master is Father Picasso: he knew everything and kept searching, searching, searching until the end of his life.”

Quote from Jeanne Mammen 1890 – 1976, published by the Jeanne-Mammen-Gesellschaft in conjunction with the Berlinischen Galerie 1978, Edition Cantz Stuttgart – Bad Cannstatt, p.99