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12Krieger II

ca 1946
Sculpture, bronze, 39 x 15 x 14 cm

Krieger II

”Krieger II” (Warrior II) is a tall, narrow sculpture in which Jeanne Mammen shaped an asymmetric head out of struts, arches, cavities, and protruding spikes. The mouth bulges; the left eye is recessed over the cheek, while the right eye is closed and the cheek is hollowed out. The left eyebrow is a bulge that protrudes to the left over the head, underneath two smaller extensions cross over the head. They correspond to three structures that protrude diagonally to the left from the forehead. The nose is a straight strut positioned vertically. The head also is shaped as a contour when viewed from the side. There are two recesses in the protruding nose. A sort of helmet or headdress stretches over the head in a quarter circle that starts at the back of the head and crosses a centrally placed spike that points upward. In front and behind are two further spikes, which produce another three-pointed motif.