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15Krankes Kind

ca 1946
Painting, oil on cardboard, 100 x 70 cm

Krankes Kind

The painting ”Krankes Kind” (Sick child) belongs to Jeanne Mammen‘s material phase and was produced at the end of the war. In these paintings Mammen covered the ground of her background with thick paints – undiluted and highly opaque. The figures are reduced to outlines but are still clearly defined. The person in the foreground kneels and holds the ”sick child” in her arms; the one in the background is sitting. Their heads are tilted toward each other, united in their concern for the child. The composition is remniscent of various depictions of the Pietà. The painting consists of earth and pastel hues. The feeling of depth comes from the stark contrast between light and dark colors, giving the impression of a sculpture or relief.