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18Zwei Figuren, graphisch

ca 1951
Painting, oil on cardboard, 141 x 99 cm

Zwei Figuren, graphisch

A striking aspect of this work is the pastel palette of blue, pink and green hues, which were commonly used in design in the 1950s. Here, too, Mammen has reduced the figures and their movements to a few reddish brown lines, composed of short brushstrokes against the background. The impression is that two figures are coming straight toward the viewer. The left figure is larger than the right. The left arm is bent and the hand rests on the hip; the left arm is swinging to the side. The right figure is smaller, skinnier and seems younger. In the middle is a white region, bordered by a half-rounded, stylized left hand. Mammen uses radial lines to direct the viewer‘s eyes toward this area. She uses parallel lines to hint at movement, suggesting a dance or a game with a ball. Here she is following the attempts of the Cubists and Futurists to display movement in time through multiple, simultaneous perspectives.