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20Am Seeufer

ca 1952
Painting, oil on cardboard, 100 x 140 cm

Am Seeufer

In ”Am Seeufer” (At the lakeside), Mammen leaves her impasto style for a gentler application of color. She uses thinner, more transparent layers of paint that she has diluted and applied with light brushstrokes, creating a shimmering background in red, pink and blue hues. This is interrupted by thicker accents in light blue and orange. On top of it all are drawings in black lines. In contrast to works such as ”Damengespräch” and ”Zwei Figuren, graphisch”, these can no longer be recognized as humans – instead, they appear to be plants on the shore of the lake. Together with the reddish circle swinging at the upper edge of the painting, which may be interpreted as the setting sun, this lends to composition a mystical mood.