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Dear visitor,
CAMPUSart presents art in connection with science and nature on the Campus Berlin-Buch in a unique way.

Come to Buch and take a walk on the grounds, enjoy the botany and sculpture park, or immerse yourself in the scientific history of this renowned campus. Indoor exhibitions also await your visit, such as the Jeanne Mammen Exhibition, the Microscope Exhibition or the Campusmuseum.

This website offers you extensive information on the topics conveniently as an audio guide. Stroll through the park and let us take you on our tours of art, science and nature on the Campus Berlin-Buch.

If you cannot come to Buch, we offer you the indoor exhibitions as a 360° tour on this page. The outdoor tours of the campus are also richly illustrated. Sit back and embark on a virtual journey across the campus.

Last but not least, our exhibitions are accompanied by regular events. Please stop by, we are looking forward to your visit!

Your CAMPUSart Team